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They were quick, easy to talk to gladly helped me get my car fixed after I needed to get more fixing done


Quick professional and honestly easy to work with they didn't mind that I was a bit scatterbrained and were super helpful getting my car back to full.


I had my car towed there when it died. It cost $200 for them to tell me my engine seized up and needs to be replaced. That's "1 hour of diagnostics."


First off, Honest-1 offer discounts in exchange for positive Google reviews, so consider that as you review their 5-star ratings. Here's my story: Over the years, I have brought two different cars in for oil changes, inspections, and other repairs. Recently I tried to utilize their "complimentary roadside assistance" program when I got a flat tire and needed a tow. This program is falsely advertised. The website claims you can get reimbursed for towing and other roadside stuff (flat tires etc) -- up to $75 each occurrence, two times per year. Here's the exact language from the website: "Complimentary roadside assistance is made available to every customer who purchases $25 or more in previous visit services." So having spent hundreds of dollars at this place in the past, I assumed I qualified. It also says you can only get reimbursed 2x per year: "reimbursement for services is limited to two occurrences within a 365 day period." Fine. What I have learned as I have tried to take advantage of this service is that you have to have spent money with them within the last 365 days to qualify for the reimbursement. Which in and of itself is not objectionable as a policy, BUT THAT'S NOT WHAT THE ABOVE LANGUAGE SAYS. "Previous visit services" is totally open-ended and not connected to the stipulation about only getting reimbursed twice per year. I could have called my own tow, but because I was aware of this program and thought it was legit, I called them. Also worth noting that the location I went to (Diamond Lake) had no idea what I was talking about it when I asked about it, had no clue this is something touted on their website. I had to hunt down a corporate phone number to get clarification. The site says you must "call the toll-free services line" and then fax your service receipt in to get reimbursed but guess what? There is no toll-free phone number or fax number listed anywhere on the site. It's almost as though they don't actually want to make it easy for people to get reimbursed..... Anyway, take your business elsewhere and definitely don't rely on these jokers for roadside assistance.


I bring my work vehicle here, so i’m in the shop quite often for various services. Being a young female, i almost always expect to be “played” at auto shops and places similar, but i truly feel respected and valued here. Chris and Andrew always do a great job answering my questions and they do it in a way that doesn’t feel condescending or demeaning. I’m so thankful I have a place that I can trust to take care of my car!

Thank you for sharing your honest feedback and those kind words with us. We appreciate the honesty and for giving our team members an awesome shout-out! Have a great day!

- Honest-1 Auto Care Diamond Lake

Honestly, take your car elsewhere if its not brand new. They'll talk you out of fixing your car because it will be too expensive. But if you take your car to a real mechanic, they'll be able to fix it.


I went for oil change. When they told me that my car was ready I couldn't believe how fast the service was. They were really fast and have good customer service.


They are honest, timely, did great work and are reasonably priced!


Very professional and super honest! Explained in great detail of repairs need! Thank you


This was my first time here and I got a standard oil change. The price is right, the crew was great, and it was an efficient process. Will definitely be back!

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